Portal me – a dream?

“Portal me” … It is the way we finally want to go: integrated care with hard and software all directed at a healthier life in cooperation with professionals, institutes, family, friends and peers we do want to support us and whom we selected ourselves. There is a long way to go. Building new ways of digital, connected and accountable care needs to go along with disrupting old traditions, obsolete ways of providing health care and, perhaps  most of all, balancing influence patterns between all involved. See this video as a witness of how engaging into this dream doesn’t need to be scary to professionals!

Thanks Jeff Belden for inspiring me!

Jeff Belden message may inspire lots of health care professionals, authorities and others to more activity towards development of ehealth applications. It doesn’t need to be through an all in once leap, but a step by step process may benefit all stakeholders! See him motivate!
Want to know how? See here



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