Business of Health Care

Current conditions to the business of health care create uncertainty: Are we doing all right? Innovation is needed, but where and how to begin?

To start your road map to the future of care,
start thinking in terms of these perspectives that condition health care:
– The medical perspective,
– The patient perspective,
– The perspective of organization,
– The perspective of IT and technology,
– The perspective of

We will co-create your development with you and your staff while keeping a sound balance between development, quality and value of your care delivery.

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Pharma and Health Industry

Vast changes in the healthcare landscape have transformed customers’ behaviors.
The days of sales and marketing from just a promotional perspective have passed.

One needs to build long-term relationships with customers in order to support the use of products, innovate routines/protocols to patient care, interdisciplinary and co-create the future of care.

Key Account Focus and Management appears the most difficult service to develop! It needs an internal collaboration between silo-ed departments which wasn’t exercised for the last 10 to 20 years. Yet, good focus on customer relations is the basis to long-term business revenue. Customer focus cannot do without internal integration of efforts.

How to build your customer focus with your staff, is the product of our 25 years of experience with the  industry.


eHealth – Digital Health – Mobile Health

E-Health, Telemedicine and mobile health is about the development and improvement of health care by means of digital and internet technology.

Digital Health, eHealth and Mobile Health, are said to be disruptive to health care. Yet, governments and payers trust it to be cost saving and quality building. The way of implementation is key!
See co-creation in care

An all-encompassing understanding
In essence,”ehealth” as a concept is globally accepted to be a term to all variations of healthcare by internet technology, like telecare or telemedicine, distant care, digital health, personal health records, teleconsult, telemonitoring, patient monitoring and support, health tracking, health data exchange, Big Data etc. Vice versa, when one speaks about telemedicine, ehealth is included. The words might be used interchangeably.

Innovating the way we care