Question marks all over for pharma

Well, haven’t we been treated with disruptions in health for the past 10 years? Disruptions like those that would change our healthcare systems and delivery routines fundamentally?
If we would look into the future, yes, several developments and predominantly tech ones would take care to make healthcare loose its footings and would instantly change for the better.
See some examples here of such future disruptions by the Medical Futurist. But still we have been seeing some come through, like ehealth applications are making headway to implementation, by now.
Alexandra Fulford (@pharmaguapa) posted on the occasion of Brexit, a post about the pharmaceutical sector hasn’t been as eager to changes possible in the healthcare sector: ” A decade of change“.

The question is:
What changes are relevant to the future effectiveness of pharma.
The very blog inspired me to conduct a study about the origin and the development of the pharma industry, starting from the 19th century!
I did complete this study these past few days and came to surprising insights.

The global markets challenge the position of the pharmaceutical human businesses with different demands, like ways of pricing, patient orientation and ESG (environment, sustainability, and governance) to name a few. Some of these are kind of developments to which the industry has the competence to adapt easily, as history has witnessed.

What is new is the fact that the industry finds itself in an accumulation of characteristics acquired in its development since its origine. It has brought the industry in the current beneficial shape, its volume and routines of doing business. But that is up to now.

The acquired business characteristics are now under erosion. These new and different types of developments have a substantial influence on the way of conducting the business. Like for instance, the impact of digital technology, growing differences in market characteristics and health systems, growing inflation of traditional market approaches, and the new way of product discovery by DNA related technology, as most people in the industry are quite aware of.

To gain specific insight of this current business position I recently completed a study of the industry’s business development since its origin in the 19th century. The study answers questions like:
• what have been the dominant trends of development,
• when did these trends grow, accumulate and why,
• how did they influence the commercial approaches over the past time,
• how did they follow-up on each other?
And, most significant: How and in what ways, do these developments impact the industry today?

My study presents:
– Origin of the pharmaceutical industry and business;
– Trends in its development reaching to today;
– Influence on the organization of the industry and commercial approaches over the years;
– Consequences of the accumulation of trends to the business;
– Latest developments in markets and regulations;
– Strategic impact by threats and opportunities and conclusions to decision makers;
– Possible scenario’s to approaches to the business, suggesting USP’s to the industry;
– Discussing operational options and opportunities to detail the impact on the industry.

Follow this blog to gain more insight in the way history of pharma business has come to a changing point.

Or reach out to me to give you an early insight.

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