Onward to Telecardiology?

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Recently, I focused on the developments in the technology of implantable pacemakers and defibrillators (http://bit.ly/8VRkZP [1]) . I did so in the course of a consult to one of the affiliates of the cardiac devices industry in the Netherlands. I was asked to think along in the further development of cardiological care around these devices. The intention was to develop what was called as remote monitoring of cardiac devices into a design of an adequate model for integrated care in cardiology.
In reflection on the information I gathered, I distinguished two realms of development, each with their own dimensions. To implement the technological features to the conduct of care and benefit from its outcomes and processes, and specifically for the benefits of the patient, both realms of developments need to be actively attended to…
Originally posted on “Value innovation in medical and life sciences”; August 21th, 2009

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Pharma marketing to health care networks and account focus

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In the Dutch pharmaceutical market several developments have influenced prescription policies of GPs. The liberalization of the health care market in the Netherlands has led the health care insurance companies to challenge GPs on their policies on treatment of chronic conditions.
These health care groups¹ went also on to develop prescription policies, endorsed to do so by extra reimbursement schemes from the part of the insurance companies.
In an early stage, we have acknowledged the potential impact of these health care groups on actual prescription routines. With the pharmaceutical company that we worked with, we configured an account team that would focus specifically on these groups.

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