eDetailing Pharma, Moskou

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Pharma’s promotion is ever more built on edetailing. Often it is a digital transcription of what has been done in paper brochures. Much more benefits can be gained when one really transfers to digital detailing. See here an excerpt of our training done in Moscow for the Russian situation.

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iMobile World Pharma

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The conference Mobile Pharma World, Europe was held last year in Amsterdam. I was given the honor to chair the conference. Here are my statements to open the conference and to conclude them. Do you think that pharma has made the big leap yet, now in 2013?

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Utilising the Media in Life Sciences

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In an era of increasing diversification of print, broadcast and online media outlets, how can life sciences companies maximise the efficiency and impact of their communications channels?
What specific strategies should life sciences companies employ to ensure they get the maximum benefit from digital communications channels such as social networking sites and blogs?

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