Integration should be the trend of health care development 2014

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As cost and outcomes of care are duly becoming the main reference points for quality of care, it is important that immanent fragmentation or even chaos in care paths is prevented. Integration should therefore be the relevant trend in health care development 2014. Here we explain three increasing modi of integration in care: co-operation, co-creation and experience co-creation.

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Health Care Trends 2014

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Health care trend of trends 2014?
What have been named as trends in health care development for 2014?
Reviewing several blogs, these I came to mention:
1. Financial concerns;
2. Patient empowerment;
3. Connected health, eHealth;
4. Redefining the health industry and
5. Data security.
Is that what it is? No, we should look at what “the” trend in health care development should be. See for that part 2.

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Experience Co-Creation in Health Care (EC3)

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In health care, patients are often left alone with their therapies. Currently, we see service and marketing in health care efforts using the internet to fill the patients’ most obvious needs. Information services, indication backgrounds, drug information, patient stories, communities around peers, compliance guidelines are all services brought to the patient on a one-to-one basis.
From a health care perspective, these efforts are innovative, but do not present a structural attempt to systematically arrange all or several of the elements that caring for one’s health condition may include.
Setting up and delivering an integrated context for servicing patients’ needs and demands will be more beneficial to patients in coping with their condition, as well as to the stakeholders relating to them in pursuing their health care business.
Originally posted on “Value innovation in medical and life sciences” ; July 30th, 2010

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