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The conference Mobile Pharma World, Europe was held last year in Amsterdam. I was given the honor to chair the conference. Here are my statements to open the conference and to conclude them. Do you think that pharma has made the big leap yet, now in 2013?

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Social Media: Public place for reproach?

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What you may like to prevent just by using social media in health care.
Here’s a Dutch father complaining about the reimbursement of a continuous glucose monitoring system in a national newspaper. For the control of his daughter’s diabetes, who has also a Down syndrome, he is only reimbursed for a normal glucose meter, not the wished for continuous glucose monitoring system.
The father states that the health care insurance company informed him, unsolicited: “We want you to know that continuous monitoring can not be reimbursed.” That’s what it was. He is amazed that the Down condition of his daughter is not a concern to them whatsoever? Shouldn’t it have been taken into account?
Origonally posted on “Value innovation in medical and life sciences” ; September 27th, 2009

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