Interactive Workshop: Value Innovation for Pharma – What changes to business?
October 21, 22. 2008, 8th annual conference Pharma Marketing Summit, EyeforPharma, Zürich

  • Understand how the Pharma Industry needs to differentiate in advanced market conditions.
  • Innovating value to customers (health care professionals) and to consumers (patients) can create sustainable performance;
  • Find out how the new ways of market access – account focus, multichannel management, CRM and e-communication, commercial processes for differentiated accounts – will challenge pharma to innovate. Learn how product marketing will integrate with the portfolio and the company’s proposition and what the implications will be to the organisation;
  • Discover what changes will be effective and efficient and whether there really is a need to change the business model of Pharma. Find out how those changes can be implemented without putting performance at risk.

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