Pharma’s new commercial model is not easily created.

We see Pharma companies to add all sorts of new programs to their company, like “Closed Loop Marketing”, “Sales Force Effectiveness”, “Key Account Management”, “Key Opinion Leader Management”, “Customer First”, or “Customer Excellence”, “Market Access management” etc.

Surely all kinds of innovations to focus and approach promotion in a new way.
Also, Social Media, Websites and On line Communities are created to “get the word out..”
But for now, we want to focus on edetailing as a core aspect for triggering the road map to create more effect and collaboration with customers (physicians and other caregivers) to support patients’ therapies, such as compliance support, to name one.

We will tend to each aspect of the new commercial cycles on our website, as we have been working on this new cycle of business successfully since 2003. We will be happy to present graphs of its ROI, proudly.

In this effort internal alignment, specific design of activities and new cycles of decision making will help to improve business outcomes. But as you can guess, it is not easily done. We have gone that path and find ourselves lucky to know the details of the road and have the tools you need to go that way too.

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